30 Questions About Taxes for 9th – 12th grade


1. What are Taxes?
A Sum of Money that the State Mandates
its Businesses pay in order to support the
cleaning of their parking lot.

A Sum of Money that the Federal
Government charges its citizens to clean
up their messes.

A Sum of money that the Federal
government pays its citizens for good
A sum of money that the State or Federal
Government mandates its citizens pay in
order to support the government itself
and all of its services.

2. What are three ways you have benefited from taxes today?
A Zoo’s, Arena’s, and Walmart B Highway Signs, Highways, and bike
C Schools, Libraries, and Clean Communities D Police Officers, Teachers, and the Internet

3. What is Payroll Tax?
Tax on Unearned Income
B Taxes on the Wages you earn from your
C Tax on Earned Income D Tax on Earned and Unearned Income

4. What is Federal Income Tax?
A tax that supports the federal governmen
all its systems, highway construction and
the military.
A tax that supports the air traffic navy
platoon system, the national board of
realtors as well as the web of excessive
disproportionate growth.
Money that supports the Executive,
Legislative, and Prejudicial branch of the
Funds the Disney Corporation with money
it needs to operate.

5. Who primarily uses our tax money?
A Your employer B The state government
C The Federal government D Local Businesses

6. Our tax money is spent on all of the following EXCEPT:
A The Military B National Parks
C Social Security D Private School Education

7. The W-4 form lets…
A your employer know how much to
withhold from your paycheck B the government know how much you paid
in taxes last year
C you know how much you paid in taxes last
D the 3 major credit bureaus know how
many dependents you have

8. What do you need to file your 1040 or 1040EZ form?
A Your W-2 B Your W-4
C Your prior year’s tax return D Social Security Number

9. Which is TRUE if you do not pay your taxes?
A You cannot go to jail (but you will be
heavily fined) B Your credit score may be impacted
C You’re more likely to be approved for low
interest loans D You owe twice as much the following year

10. The total amount of earnings before any deductions are taken out
A Yucky Pay B After-tax Income
C Gross Pay D Net Pay

11. The amount of salary received after taxes and deductions
A Gross Pay B Total Earnings
C Net Pay D Bill

12. Which type of tax funds local schools?
A Excise Tax B Sales Tax
C Property Tax D Income Tax

13. Federal taxes are the same in every state
A True B False

14. Taxes are paid by people to support themselves.
A True B False

15. Property tax is based on the value of personal property, home, land and etc.
A True B False

16. Payroll and _________ are taxes that are deducted from a person’s paycheck.
A Income Tax B Sales Tax
C Property Tax

17. This tax is added to a purchase you make.
A Income Tax B Sales Tax

18. These taxes come out of a person’s paycheck and is meant to help people once they retire.
A Sales Tax B Social Security Tax

19. Why do we need to pay taxes?
A To collect money to buy car. B To collect money to run the government,

20. If you receive 25% off an item costing $22.00, how much money do you save?
A $ 5.50 B $ 4.25
C $7.35 D $6.00

21. Sales tax is __________ to the price
A subtracted B divided
C added D multiplied

22. Discount is ____________ from the price.
A subtracted B Mr. Ed is very old
C added D divided

23. Sally owns a gas station. What type of tax will she have to pay on the land that the gas
station is on?
A Property Tax B Payroll Tax
C Income Tax D Sales tax

24. Jose Altuve for the Houston Astros makes $625,000 every year. He has to pay taxes on the
money his annual earnings. Which type of tax is that?
A Sales tax B Payroll tax
C Property Tax D Income Tax

25. Jared bought a new boat. He had to pay which kind of tax on his new boat?
A Payroll tax B Income Tax
C Property Tax D Sales tax

26. This is a tax on retail items
A Sales B Property
C Income D Payroll

27. Taxes are –
A Money in someone’s piggy bank B Free money to you
C Money you must pay to the government D Money given to you by the government

28. A sum of money demanded by a government for support of itself
and specified programs and services
A Taxes B Fee
C Bill D Tax Payer

29. What type of tax is applied when purchase goods or services?
A Income B Excise
C Sales D Property

30. Which of the following taxes helps support medicare and social
security programs?
A Payroll B Income
C Sales D Excise

Answer Key
1. d 2. c 3. c 4. a
5. c, b 6. d 7. a 8. a, d
9. b 10. c 11. c 12. c
13. a 14. b 15. a 16. a
17. b 18. b 19. b 20. a
21. c 22. a 23. a 24. d
25. d 26. a 27. c 28. a
29. c 30. a

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